by Juneyt

Released 2008
Released 2008
A vibrant eclectic mix of intense musical artistry. Ocean blends classic flamenco style with an edgy, soulful flair.
"Mesmerizing and electrifying!"
Ocean is the debut album from Nuevo Flamenco phenomenon, Juneyt. The recording is a collection of original songs by Juneyt that speak to the heart of his music and passion. He didn’t even pick up a guitar until the age of 18 – but it seems that Juneyt was destined from birth to be something special. His name means "Soldier of Music" in his native Turkish, and has proven to be a true foreshadowing of his life path. With incredible technique, raw energy and daring creativity, Juneyt has captured a unique fusion of tradition and innovation on this album.

Ocean by Juneyt