1. Midnight Train

From the recording Ocean

In 1978 Oliver Stone made a movie called Midnight Express, it was an extremely poor and wrong representation of Turkish Culture, the movie was based on the true story of Bill Hayes, however even Bill himself said this:
"I loved the movie, but I wish they'd shown some good Turks. You don't see a single one in the movie, and there were a lot of them, even in the prison. It created this impression that all Turks are like the people in 'Midnight Express.' ... I wish they'd shown some of the milk of human kindness I (also) witnessed."
Hayes said he wouldn't hesitate to return to Turkey -- if he could. "I'd love to go back. I really loved that country -- except for the five years I spent in prison. I loved the Turkish people."
in December 2004 The Hollywood writer and director Oliver Stone has apologized for offending Turkey with his Oscar-winning film Midnight Express, which featured powerful images of appalling prison conditions and brutality that have haunted the country for decades.
Visiting Turkey for the first time since the movie was released in 1978, Stone admitted "over-dramatizing" the screenplay, which he wrote. It was one of his early forays into cinematography for a film that was directed by Alan Parker.
However the damage is done and there is nothing we can do about it, other than protesting this like what I've done with this song Midnight Train. Enjoy.
Juneyt Yetkiner